A fish that is a rather untalented swimmer: Lumpsuckers use their pelvic fins to form a strong sucking disc that firmly holds the fish to the sea bottom.

Lumpsucker, also called Lumpfish are found in cold northern waters. Their bodies are short without scales with skins that are either smooth or studded with bony tubercles.
Like the Snailfish, which are often included in the family, they are characterized by a strong sucking disk on the under surface.

A notable species is the extraordinary large Cyclopterus lumpus, known in Europe as Sea Hen or Hen Fish because the male guards and cares for the eggs, without eating, until they hatch after about six or seven weeks.
This particular species attains a maximum length and weight of about 50 centimetres and 5 to 6 kilograms. Other species vary in size, the smallest growing to only 2cm in length.

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