Pygmy Geckos have water repelling skin that allows them to walk on water.

The Brazilian Pygmy Gecko (Coleodactylus amazonicus) is one of the smallest lizards on earth – at about half an inch or 2cm long it is smaller than even some insects.

It lives in the Amazon rainforest. In this extremely wet environment, it constantly runs the risk of drowning in a puddle or being swept away by raindrops. Yet, this gecko has a hydrophobic skin.

Surfaces that are hydrophobic are highly repellent to water due to having microscopic bumps that can support a water droplet — similar to the human’s ability to rest on a bed of nails. The contact area between the liquid and the solid surface area is so small that a high contact angle and a low roll-off angle exist for the water droplet.

If water falls on the Pygmy Gecko, it just beads up and slides off, much like rain on a newly waxed car. Coupled with its incredibly light body frame, the Pygmy Gecko is literally able to stand on water, even in the most torrential rain.

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