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Underwater Fact 82

Depending on the species, sea turtles may be carnivorous (meat eating), herbivorous (plant eating), or omnivorous (eating both meat and plants). The jaw structure of many species is adapted for their diet.

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Ventricaria ventricosa, commonly known as Sailor’s Eyeballs, is the largest single-celled algae in the world. Its structure is based on a hard-shelled crust that shines like glass and is filled with a plasma-like fluid that builds one single cell.
Looking into them might remind of looking into a crystal ball or an alternative universe.

Sailor’s Eyeballs   © Ülar Tikk

There are two species that occur on reefs throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific on coral and rocky reefs where they are attached to the substrate by hair-like filaments called rhizoids.
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Underwater kelp forests exist all over the world and host a vast array of life. They can grow at depths up to 150 feet and still reach the surface with some giant kelps growing up to two feet in a day.

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Underwater Fact 37

It starts life the size of a pea and is fully grown at about the size of a golf ball. The Blue-ringed octopus carrys enough poison to kill 26 adults within minutes.

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