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Underwater Fact 23

Three-quarters of the world’s mega-cities are by the sea.

Underwater Fact 22

More than 90% of the trade between countries is carried by ships and about half the communications between nations use underwater cables.

Underwater Fact 19

Fish supply is the greatest percentage of the world’s protein consumed by humans.

Underwater Fact 18

The Great Barrier Reef, measuring 1,243 miles, is the largest living structure on Earth. It can be seen from the Moon.

Underwater Fact 16

A swallow of seawater may contain millions of bacterial cells, hundreds of thousands of phytoplankton and tens of thousands of zooplankton.

Underwater Fact 11

The world’s oceans contain nearly 20 million tons of gold.

Water pressure at the deepest point in the ocean is more than 8 tons per square inch, the equivalent of one person trying to hold 50 jumbo jets.

Underwater Fact 7

The longest continuous mountain chain known to exist in the Universe resides in the ocean and is more than 65 000 km/40 000 miles long.

Underwater Fact 6

Mount Everest (the highest point on the Earth’s surface at 5.49 miles / 8.84 km) is more than 1 mile / 1.6 km shorter than the Challenger Deep (the deepest point in the ocean at 6.86 miles/11.04 km).

Underwater Fact 5

Less than 10 percent of this living space has been explored by humans.

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