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Underwater Fact 42

As coastal zones become more and more crowded, the quality of coastal water will suffer, the wildlife will be displaced, and the shorelines will erode. 60% of the Pacific and 35% of the Atlantic Coast shoreline are eroding at a rate of a meter every year.

Underwater Fact 31

Global by-catch — unintended destruction caused by the use of non-selective fishing gear, such as trawl nets, longlines and gillnets — amounts to 20 million tons a year.

Underwater Fact 27

The major causes of coral reef decline are coastal development, sedimentation, destructive fishing practices, pollution, tourism and global warming.

Underwater Fact 25

Tropical coral reefs border the shores of 109 countries, the majority of which are among the world’s least developed. Significant reef degradation has occurred in 93 countries.

Underwater Fact 24

Death and disease caused by polluted coastal waters costs the global economy US$12.8 billion a year.

The annual economic impact of hepatitis from tainted seafood alone is US$7.2 billion.

Underwater Fact 20

80% of all pollution in seas and oceans comes from land-based activities.

Underwater Fact 14

Plastic waste kills up to 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish each year. Plastic remains in our ecosystem for years harming thousands of sea creatures everyday.

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